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Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
August 23, 2017
Boeing, Northrop Grumman receive development contracts for new ICBM

Washington (UPI) Aug 22, 2017
Boeing and Northrop Grumman have received $349.2 million and $328.6 million contracts respectively for the development of the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent replacement for the LGM-30G Minuteman III ballistic missile. The contracts are to run until Aug. 20, 2020, when one of the two companies will be selected to finish the program. Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin have all been competing to develop the new missile. The Ground Based Strategic Deterrent is the U.S. Air Force ... read more

Iran back to high enrichment 'in 5 days' if US quits nuclear deal
Tehran (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
Iran can resume high-level uranium enrichment within five days if the United States tears up the nuclear deal, the head of its Atomic Energy Organisation said Tuesday. ... more
US sanctions Chinese, Russians over N.Korea support
Washington (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
The United States on Tuesday slapped sanctions on 16 Chinese and Russian individuals and companies, accusing them of supporting North Korea's nuclear program and attempting to evade US sanctions. ... more
Tillerson says talks with N.Korea may be close, notes 'restraint'
Washington (AFP) Aug 23, 2017
The United States said Tuesday that talks with North Korea may be possible "in the near future" after Pyongyang reacted to tough new UN sanctions with a level of restraint. ... more
Soyuz-2 Rocket to Arrive at Vostochny on September 20 for November Launch
Vostochny (Sputnik) Aug 21, 2017
Russia's Center for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities, the operator of Russia's cosmodromes, will ensure the delivery of the Soyuz-2 carrier rocket for the first 2017 launch from the Vost ... more
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Russian Military Likely to Give Up Using Baikonur Spaceport Soon: Here's Why
Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 21, 2017
Roscosmos and the Russian Ministry of Defense are likely to team up to facilitate the construction of the launch pad for the Angara heavy-lift carrier rockets, RIA Novosti contributor Andrei Stanavo ... more
ORS-5 satellite prepped for launch
Los Angeles AFP CA (AFNS) Aug 21, 2017
With a Flight Readiness Review successfully concluded Aug. 17, the Air Force's Operational Responsive Space (ORS)-5 satellite is now ready for its journey to equatorial orbit from Space Launch Compl ... more
Equipment for Angara heavy-class rocket arrives at Vostochny Cosmodrome
Vostochny (Sputnik) Aug 21, 2017
The first technological equipment for the launch of the Angara heavy class carrier rocket has been delivered to the Vostochny Space Center in Russian Far East, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry R ... more
Japan launches satellite for better GPS system
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 19, 2017
Japan on Saturday launched the third satellite in its effort to build a homegrown geolocation system aimed at improving the accuracy of car navigation systems and smartphone maps to mere centimetres. ... more
Navy launches expeditionary sea base Hershel 'Woody' Williams
Washington (UPI) Aug 22, 2017
The U.S. Navy announced today that it launched the expeditionary sea base Hershel 'Woody' Williams from the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in Norfolk, Va., last week. ... more
Pacific Fleet to order individual reviews following McCain collision
Washington (UPI) Aug 22, 2017
A one-day operational pause will be completed by all U.S. Navy Pacific fleets and ships by Aug. 28, and will be followed by individual ship reviews in a second phase, Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Scott H. Swift said on Tuesday. ... more

Lockheed Martin receives $427.1M for F-35 production

Afghanistan welcomes Trump vow to stay 'without time limit'
Kandahar, Afghanistan (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
Afghanistan Tuesday welcomed President Donald Trump's move to commit thousands more troops to America's longest war, reversing earlier pledges to pull out, but Taliban insurgents vowed to make the country a "graveyard" for US forces. ... more
Trump tough talk unlikely to move Pakistan
Washington (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
In military terms, Donald Trump's long-awaited new Afghanistan strategy looks very much like the old one. But, on the diplomatic front, he took a risk in confronting unruly, nuclear-armed Pakistan. ... more
China defends Pakistan against Trump criticism
Beijing (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
China on Tuesday defended its friend Pakistan against strong criticism by Donald Trump that the country is not doing enough to counter terrorism. ... more
Mattis in Baghdad as Iraq presses assault on IS bastion
Baghdad (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
Pentagon chief Jim Mattis held talks in Baghdad Tuesday to show US support for Iraqi forces as they pressed an assault on Tal Afar, the Islamic State group's last major bastion in the country's north. ... more

Japan deploys missile defence over N. Korea threat to Guam
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 12, 2017
Japan deployed its Patriot missile defence system on Saturday after North Korea threatened to fire ballistic missiles over the country towards the US Pacific territory of Guam, local officials and reports said. Regional tensions are mounting as Washington and Pyongyang ratchet up their war of words, with President Donald Trump warning Pyongyang would "truly regret" any hostile action against ... more
Washington (UPI) Aug 9, 2017
Jacobs Technology awarded $4.6B contract for missile defense services
Washington (AFP) July 30, 2017
US successfully tests missile intercept system
Seoul (AFP) July 29, 2017
S. Korea speeds up US missile defence over North's missile test
Air Force successfully launches LRASM missile from B-1B Lancer
Washington (UPI) Aug 18, 2017
The U.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin have conducted the first free-flight launch of a Long Range Anti-ship Missile from a B-1B Lancer bomber at Point Mugu, Calif. The missile navigated pre-programmed waypoints before targeting and destroying a single moving target out of a group using onboard sensor criteria. It was the first complete functionality test of the LRASM. "Today marks a ... more
Washington (UPI) Aug 18, 2017
Raytheon receives $104.9M contract for Griffin missiles
Washington (UPI) Aug 21, 2017
Romania approved for U.S. rocket system buy
Kiev (AFP) Aug 15, 2017
Kiev says engine type 'used in N.Korea missiles' made for Russia
Could the X-37B Space Plane be Preparing for a Mission in September
Washington (Sputnik) Aug 21, 2017
The United States Air Force (USAF) is preparing their secretive X-37B space plane for its fifth mission in early September. As always, most of the X-37B's payload and mission is classified, but has reported that the launch may be slated for early September. The fifth mission of the X-37B, known as Orbital Test Vehicle-5 (OTV-5), is different from previous launches in that the spa ... more
Liverpool UK (SPX) Aug 22, 2017
Do video game players make the best unmanned pilots
Washington (UPI) Aug 21, 2017
Insitu receives contract for U.S. Navy Special Warfare ScanEagle support
Washington (UPI) Aug 18, 2017
U.S. military to buy counter-drone radars from RADA
82nd Airborne tests in-flight communication system for paratroopers
Washington (UPI) Jul 21, 2017
The U.S. Army's Global Response Force composed of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division successfully conducted an airborne exercise using the En route Mission Command tactical networking system. The system, mounted on C-17 cargo planes, provided plane-to-plane and plane-to-ground audio, video, and data communications to the 1st Brigade's commander and subordinate commander ... more
McLean, VA (SPX) Jul 14, 2017
North Dakota UAS Training Center Depends on IGC Satellite Connectivity
Washington (UPI) Aug 9, 2017
Envistacom wins $10M Army communications contract
Washington DC (SPX) Aug 14, 2017
New SQUID-based detector opens up new fields of study with new level of sensitivity
Energized fabrics could keep soldiers warm and battle-ready in frigid climates
Washington DC (SPX) Aug 22, 2017
Soldiering in arctic conditions is tough. Protective clothing can be heavy and can cause overheating and sweating upon exertion. And hands and feet can grow numb despite wearing such gear. To keep military personnel more comfortable and battle-ready in bitterly cold climes, scientists are now conducting research aimed at creating high-tech fabrics that heat up when powered and that capture ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Aug 21, 2017
University of Florida, US Army develop model for lighter armor
Washington (UPI) Jul 17, 2017
LOC Performance receives $49.1 million Bradley upgrade contract
Washington (UPI) Aug 14, 2017
Lockheed wins Special Operations logistics contract
Defence firms eye billion-dollar chance for 'made in India'
New Delhi (AFP) Aug 20, 2017
India has drawn up a shopping list for tens of billions of dollars of foreign fighter jets, armoured vehicles, submarines and helicopters but it will only sign the cheques if they are made in India. The world's largest defence importer has announced a new policy inviting foreign defence manufacturers to set up shop as minority partners in India. It initiated the bidding process for submarine ... more
Washington (UPI) Aug 17, 2017
China showcases weapon systems to possible foreign buyers
Washington (UPI) Aug 8, 2017
Kratos receives $46.2 million contract for Saudi Arabian defense services
Washington (UPI) Aug 3, 2017
DOD's acquisition, technology and logistics office to get a makeover
Integrated Air and Missile Defense 2017 - Sept 27-29 - Washington DC
Erdogan says top Turkish general must accept demotion
Istanbul (AFP) Aug 21, 2017
Tresident Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday warned a top Turkish general who played a key role in defeating last year's failed coup and led a cross-border operation in Syria that he must accept a surprise demotion without rancour. In a rare show of tension between the military and Erdogan, Turkish media reported that Lieutenant General Zekai Aksakalli had wanted to resign from the armed forces ... more
New Delhi (AFP) Aug 21, 2017
India says China stand-off will end soon
Vijfhuizen, Netherlands (AFP) July 17, 2017
On third MH17 anniversary, families unveil 'living memorial'
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 18, 2017
Top American general says attack on Japan same as on US
How to move objects at the nanoscale
Trieste, Italy (SPX) Aug 17, 2017
To move a nanoparticle on the surface of a graphene sheet, you won't need a "nano-arm": by applying a temperature difference at the ends of the membrane, the nanocluster laying on it will drift from the hot region to the cold one. In addition, contrary to the laws ruling the world at the macroscale, the force acting on the particle - the so-called thermophoretic force - should not decrease as th ... more
Chicago IL (SPX) Jul 31, 2017
New method promises easier nanoscale manufacturing
Ann Arbor MI (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
Nanoparticles could spur better LEDs, invisibility cloaks
Barcelona, Spain (SPX) Jul 18, 2017
New material resembling a metal nanosponge could reduce computer energy consumption
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Iraqi forces close in on IS-held Tal Afar
Tal Al-Hessan, Iraq (AFP) Aug 21, 2017
Iraqi forces closed in Monday on Tal Afar on the second day of an offensive against the last major bastion of the Islamic State group in the country's north, seizing several villages around the city. In the desert plains around Tal Afar, convoys of tanks and armoured vehicles could be seen heading for the jihadist-held city, raising huge clouds of dust. The offensive launched at dawn Sun ... more
Baghdad (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
Mattis in Baghdad as Iraq presses assault on IS bastion
Tal Abta, Iraq (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
Iraqi forces retake two districts of IS bastion
Baghdad (AFP) Aug 20, 2017
Iraq begins battle to retake Tal Afar, IS bastion near Mosul: PM
US-South joint drills begin amid North Korea tensions
Seoul (AFP) Aug 21, 2017
Seoul and Washington began annual war games on Monday, with South Korean President Moon Jae-In warning the nuclear-armed North not to use them as an excuse to perpetuate the "vicious cycle" of tensions. Tens of thousands of South Korean and US troops are taking part in the "Ulchi Freedom Guardian" joint military drills, a largely computer-simulated exercise that runs for two weeks in the Sou ... more
Washington (UPI) Aug 22, 2017
Boeing, Northrop Grumman receive development contracts for new ICBM
Tehran (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
Iran back to high enrichment 'in 5 days' if US quits nuclear deal
Washington (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
US sanctions Chinese, Russians over N.Korea support
US launches formal trade investigation into China
Washington (AFP) Aug 18, 2017
The United States on Friday formally launched a trade investigation into China's intellectual property practices and forced transfer of American technology, which President Donald Trump had called for this week. "On Monday, President Trump instructed me to look into Chinese laws, policies, and practices which may be harming American intellectual property rights, innovation, or technology dev ... more
Washington (AFP) Aug 17, 2017
US in 'economic war' with China, says Trump strategist Bannon
Beijing (AFP) July 18, 2017
China's Xi calls for more imports and more 'open economy'
Sydney (AFP) Aug 18, 2017
Australia to regulate virtual currency exchanges like Bitcoin
Death toll in DR Congo landslide climbs to 140
Bunia, Dr Congo (AFP) Aug 21, 2017
The death toll from a landslide that swept over a fishing village on the banks of a lake in the Democratic Republic of Congo has reached 140, the government said Monday. "We estimate that there at least a hundred bodies buried underneath the rumble of large rocks that fell on the 48 destroyed homes," the deputy governor of Ituri Province, Pacifique Keta, told AFP. The landslide occurred ... more
Yangon (AFP) Aug 21, 2017
Myanmar man faces jail for speaking about child soldier past
Rio De Janeiro (AFP) Aug 21, 2017
Brazilian army, police raid violent Rio favelas
Conakry (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
Eight killed in Guinea in rubbish dump landslide
China's satellite sends unbreakable cipher from space
Beijing (XNA) Aug 14, 2017
Chinese scientists have become the first to realize quantum key distribution from a satellite to the ground, laying the foundation for building a hack-proof global quantum communication network. The achievement based on experiments conducted with the world' s first quantum satellite, Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS), was published in the authoritative academic journal Nature on T ... more
Xi'an, China (XNA) Aug 14, 2017
Xian Satellite Control Center resolves over 10 major satellite faults in 50 years
Beijing (XNA) Jul 10, 2017
China develops sea launches to boost space commerce
Beijing (XNA) Jul 07, 2017
Chinese satellite Zhongxing-9A enters preset orbit
Jailed Hong Kong activist Wong back in court
Hong Kong (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
With hair newly shaven in accordance with Hong Kong prison rules, jailed pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was in court again Tuesday on more protest-related charges. Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow were sent to prison last Thursday for their leading role in the initial protest that sparked the months-long Umbrella Movement of 2014 - demonstrations and street blockades calling for democrati ... more
Beijing (AFP) Aug 19, 2017
Chinese crime writer arrested for murders 22 years ago
Hong Kong (AFP) Aug 20, 2017
Crowds rally in Hong Kong after activists jailed
Beijing (AFP) Aug 22, 2017
Second academic journal pressed to censor China content
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Kremlin says 'contradictory' reports on Baghdadi death
Moscow (AFP) July 17, 2017
Moscow on Monday said it was struggling to confirm if the leader of the Islamic State group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead or alive, a month after reporting his possible demise. The Russian army said in June that it was trying to verify information that its jets killed Baghdadi during a bombing raid near the IS stronghold of Raqa in Syria. But over a month after the announcement Kremlin s ... more
Barcelona (AFP) Aug 18, 2017
World voices solidarity with Spain after terror attack
United Nations, United States (AFP) Aug 16, 2017
Iraq seeks UN resolution to investigate IS
Beirut (AFP) Aug 13, 2017
Commandos kill 25 jihadists in central Syria: monitor
'Eyes in space' and more powerful lasers will enhance US Army's arsenal
Washington DC (AFNS) Jul 25, 2017
It's been a "dynamic year" for Army space and missile defense, with a multi-domain task force being formed, a new nanosatellite set to launch soon, and more powerful laser weapons in the works, said Lt. Gen. James H. Dickinson. Dickinson, commander of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command and Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile ... more
Washington (UPI) Jun 26, 2017
Raytheon successfully fires high-energy laser from helicopter
Washington (UPI) Jun 14, 2017
Missile Defense Agency seeks laser-armed drone
Washington (AFP) April 8, 2017
Laser weapons edge toward use in US military

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