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October 26, 2017
'Xi Dada' casts a long shadow over China

Beijing (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Chinese politics have increasingly become a one-man show, with President Xi Jinping as the indisputable star. When Xi took the stage Wednesday to reveal the new members of the Communist Party's all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee, he spent less than two minutes introducing his fellow committee members. He then launched into his own vision for the country as the six stoney-faced men in dark suits - none of them considered potential successors - stood stiffly and in silence. The event ... read more

Tillerson starts talks in India dominated by China
New Delhi (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday started talks with Indian leaders expected to highlight the strong alliance between the two nations, with both anxious to counter China's growing influence. ... more
China's new leadership: Ageing men seen as no threat to Xi
Beijing (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
The six dark-suited Communist Party officials joining President Xi Jinping on China's highest decision-making body are all men in their 60s, suggesting he has no plans to groom a successor any time soon. ... more
Trump congratulates Xi after Chinese leader tightens grip on power
Washington (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
President Donald Trump congratulated Xi Jinping on Wednesday, after the Chinese leader solidified his grip on power at a landmark Communist Party Congress. ... more
Iranian sentenced to death for spying; US Navy saves Iran fishing boat from pirates
Tehran (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Iran said Wednesday it had sentenced a citizen to death for spying for Israel in return for Swedish residency, after rights activists reported an Iranian-born academic was handed the death penalty. ... more
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India shrinks ties with NKorea but will not close embassy
New Delhi (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
India has slashed trade with North Korea in line with UN sanctions over the North's nuclear tests but will not close its Pyongyang embassy, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said Wednesday. ... more
Hashed al-Shaabi: controversial force on Iraq's frontlines
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
A vital force that helped defeat the Islamic State group, or a dangerous tool of Iran? ... more
NATO to press Moscow on reported support for Taliban
Washington (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
NATO wants to talk to Russia about reports that Russian fuel is reaching the Taliban, an alliance official said Wednesday. ... more
Iraq Kurds offer to freeze independence vote
Arbil, Iraq (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Iraqi Kurdish leaders offered Wednesday to freeze the outcome of last month's vote for independence, taking a step back in a major crisis after Baghdad delivered a body blow by seizing swathes of disputed territory. ... more
Galileo in place for launch: then there were four
Paris (ESA) Oct 24, 2017
Two more Galileo satellites have reached Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana, joining the first pair of navigation satellites and the Ariane 5 rocket due to haul the quartet to orbit this December. ... more
Boeing keeps tough line on Bombardier as earnings fall
New York (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Boeing strongly defended its tough stance in a trade dispute with Canada's Bombardier Wednesday, as it reported lower quarterly earnings in part due to unexpected costs on a military contract. ... more

State Department approves Kuwaiti M1A1 tank deal

Lockheed gets Air Force production order for Paveway II kits
Washington (UPI) Oct 25, 2017
Follow-on production of Paveway II plus Laser-Guided Bomb Kits is to be conducted by Lockheed Martin under a $131 million Air Force contact. ... more
New Zealand buying U.S. sniper rifles
Washington (UPI) Oct 19, 2017
New Zealand's Defense Force announced it is buying weapons from U.S. rifle manufacturer Barrett. ... more
Philippines' Duterte receives Russian assault rifles
Manila (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Russia handed over army trucks and thousands of assault rifles to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday as the two nations celebrated their growing military ties. ... more
Work begins on amphibious transport ship Fort Lauderdale
Washington (UPI) Oct 16, 2017
Construction of another San Antonio-class amphibious dock ship for the U.S. Navy has officially started at a Huntington Ingalls facility in Mississippi. ... more

Lockheed Martin to develop missile defense tools under DoD deal
Washington (UPI) Oct 20, 2017
Lockheed Martin will develop lower-tier air and missile defense sensor prototypes under a Department of Defense contract. The award is from the Department's Ordnance Technology Consortium, an initiative to facilitate collaboration between the government, industry and academia for technology development. Lockheed Martin did not disclose the contract's value in a release Thursday. ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 20, 2017
Report: Japan eyeing SM-6 missiles for defense program
Syracuse NY (SPX) Oct 23, 2017
Lockheed Martin missile defense sensor technology receives prototyping contract
Washington (UPI) Oct 23, 2017
South Korea takes control of THAAD missile defense system
Italy to receive additional AGM-88E guided missiles
Washington (UPI) Oct 18, 2017
The U.S. Navy announced an award modification worth more than $18.2 million to convert high-speed, anti-radiation missiles into advanced medium-range air-to-ground guided missiles with counter-enemy shutdown capability for the Italian government. Orbital ATK Inc., Defense Electronic Systems, out of Northridge, Ca., was awarded the contract, which was modified from a previous firm-fixed ... more
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 19, 2017
'How to survive a N. Korean missile' - in Japanese manga form
Washington (UPI) Oct 11, 2017
State Department approves sale of AMRAAM missiles to Netherlands
Washington (UPI) Oct 11, 2017
Lockheed Martin test of ATACMS missile system successful
Boeing invests in autonomous flight technology company
Washington (UPI) Oct 20, 2017
Boeing has invested in Near Earth Autonomy, a company developing a portfolio of technologies for reliable automatic flight. The U.S. airline manufacturing giant and the Pittsburgh-based company also teamed to look into business opportunities in emerging markets, Boeing said in a news release Thursday. "This partnership will accelerate technology solutions that we feel will be key ... more
Boston MA (SPX) Oct 26, 2017
New RoboBee flies, dives, swims and explodes out the of water
Washington (UPI) Oct 19, 2017
GA-ASI in cooperative agreements with South Korean entities
Jacksonville FL (SPX) Oct 19, 2017
Drone Aviation awarded contract for Enhanced WASP Tactical Aerostat from US Defense Dept
82nd Airborne tests in-flight communication system for paratroopers
Washington (UPI) Jul 21, 2017
The U.S. Army's Global Response Force composed of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division successfully conducted an airborne exercise using the En route Mission Command tactical networking system. The system, mounted on C-17 cargo planes, provided plane-to-plane and plane-to-ground audio, video, and data communications to the 1st Brigade's commander and subordinate commander ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 23, 2017
NRL clarifies valley polarization for electronic and optoelectronic technologies
Washington (UPI) Oct 16, 2017
Harris supplying tactical radios to Navy, Marines
Luxembourg (SPX) Oct 10, 2017
SES GS to Provide More MEO-enabled SATCOM Solutions for U.S. Government
State Department approves Kuwaiti M1A1 tank deal
Washington (UPI) Oct 17, 2017
The U.S. State Department approved Kuwait's possible purchase of hundreds of M1A1 Abrams tanks from the United States. The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which manages the Foreign Military Sales program, said the proposed deal for 218 tank hulls with 120mm guns and AGT-1500 engines carries an estimated value of $29 million. The Kuwaiti purchase would support the gulf c ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 19, 2017
New Zealand buying U.S. sniper rifles
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Oct 25, 2017
Automated Processes Drive Down Costs Increase Precision of Critical Military Containers
Washington (UPI) Oct 25, 2017
Lockheed gets Air Force production order for Paveway II kits
Philippines' Duterte receives Russian assault rifles
Manila (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Russia handed over army trucks and thousands of assault rifles to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday as the two nations celebrated their growing military ties. Duterte accepted the weaponry during a visit to a Russian naval ship docked in Manila, the latest move to embrace Russia and China while distancing the Philippines from its longtime ally and mutual defence partner, the ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 13, 2017
Whistleblower protection bill sent to President as complaints of retaliation grow
London (AFP) Oct 10, 2017
UK defence giant BAE Systems to axe almost 2,000 jobs
Washington (UPI) Oct 3, 2017
Leonardo opens new site in Australia
DSI 4th Space Resiliency Summit November 28-29, 2017 Alexandria, VA
NATO ill-prepared for a Russian attack: report
Berlin (AFP) Oct 20, 2017
NATO would be incapable of rebuffing an attack by Russia on its eastern flank, according to an internal report by the alliance cited Friday by German magazine Der Spiegel. The document, entitled "Progress Report on the Strengthened Deterrence and Defence Capability of the Alliance", identified significant deficiencies. "NATO's ability to logistically support rapid reinforcement in the st ... more
Beijing (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
China's new leadership: Ageing men seen as no threat to Xi
Beijing (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Xi joins Mao in Communist constitution, tightening grip on China
Beijing (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
'Xi Dada' casts a long shadow over China
Single nanoparticle mapping paves the way for better nanotechnology
Gothenburg, Sweden (SPX) Oct 25, 2017
Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and the Technical University of Denmark have developed a method that makes it possible to map the individual responses of nanoparticles in different situations and contexts. The results pave the way for better nanomaterials and safer nanotechnology and were recently published in the journal Nature Communications. In the future almost all new ... more
Providence RI (SPX) Oct 20, 2017
Terahertz spectroscopy goes nano
Houston TX (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Long nanotubes make strong fibers
Atlanta GA (SPX) Oct 09, 2017
Paper-based supercapacitor uses metal nanoparticles to boost energy density
Fierce clashes with IS near Mosul; Return of 5,600 jihadists poses major threat: Soufan
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Thousands of foreign jihadists who have fled Islamic State group-held territories in Iraq and Syria could pose major security problems as they return home, a think-tank said Tuesday. At least 5,600 citizens or residents of 33 countries had returned home as IS faced devastating assaults on territories it held in Iraq and Syria, said the Soufan Center, a non-profit security analysis group. ... more
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Hashed al-Shaabi: controversial force on Iraq's frontlines
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 22, 2017
Iraq's Abadi: 'hero' who tackled mission impossible
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 15, 2017
Nearly 700,000 Iraqis from war-torn Mosul still displaced: NGO
Abe aims at N. Korea after storming to 'super-majority' vote win
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Monday to work with the US, China and Russia to contain North Korea's nuclear threat with "strong, resolute diplomacy", as he "humbly" accepted his landslide victory in a snap election. Fresh from clinching a two-thirds "super-majority" that enables the nationalist premier to realise his dream of revising Japan's pacifist constitution, Abe vowed t ... more
Baghdad (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
Iraq PM challenges Tillerson on Iran remarks
Clark, Philippines (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Philippines says sanctions strengthen Kim as Chinese, SK defence chiefs meet
Tehran (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Iranian sentenced to death for spying; US Navy saves Iran fishing boat from pirates
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Brie trade agreement: China lifts soft cheese ban
Beijing (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
Fans of soft cheeses in China have reason to celebrate after the country reversed a ban on mould-ripened cheeses, allowing imports of Camembert, Brie and Roquefort, European Union officials said Monday. From early September, businesses in the country were forbidden from importing cheeses made with certain moulds and bacteria. The ban was lifted following meetings last week between Europe ... more
Gwadar, Pakistan (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
At a forgotten Pakistan port, China paves a new Silk Road
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Japan bank CEO quits over claims of $2.2 bn in bad loans
Paris (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
France seeks 'green veto' in EU-Canada trade deal
17 climbers dead after avalanche in Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
The death toll from an avalanche in Mongolia rose to 17 on Wednesday after rescuers found the bodies of seven missing climbers who had ignored a ban on climbing a mountain. The Mongolian nationals went missing on Sunday after climbing the 4,021-metre (13,192 foot) Mount Otgontenger, the National Emergency Management Agency said. The group was made up of four women and 13 men aged 30 to 5 ... more
The Hague (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Sophisticated DNA labs unveiled to help trace the missing
Washington (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
US Congress passes $36.5 bn in hurricane, wildfire aid
San Juan (AFP) Oct 20, 2017
Mayor of Puerto Rican capital a fighter who took on Trump
Space will see Communist loyalty: Chinese astronaut
Beijing (XNA) Oct 23, 2017
Jing Haipeng, the first Chinese astronaut to go into space three times, has voiced his desire to go into space again as a further demonstration of his loyalty to the Communist Party of China (CPC). "I'm eager to go to space again, be a pioneer in the battle one more time," said the 51-year-old major general and delegate to the ongoing 19th National Congress of the CPC. "Let the vastn ... more
Beijing (XNA) Oct 02, 2017
China launches three satellites
Beijing (XNA) Oct 02, 2017
Mars probe to carry 13 types of payload on 2020 mission
Adelaide, Australia (XNA) Oct 03, 2017
UN official commends China's role in space cooperation
What is Xi thinking? China's leader makes the constitution
Beijing (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
China's most powerful leader in decades entered Communist Party folklore on Tuesday when cadres voted overwhelmingly to engrave the Xi Jinping way into their constitution. "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era," adds a new section to the already-weighty party tome, and puts the 64-year-old Chinese president in distinguished company. Only two other me ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Fears mount over bookseller 'freed' by China
Beijing (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
China's Xi welcomes 'objective' media at restricted event
Beijing (AFP) Oct 23, 2017
In Communist China, it's a man's world at the top
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Syria chemical weapons attacks since 2011
Beirut (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Russia on Tuesday vetoed a US-drafted resolution that would have extended the mandate of a panel investigating who is behind chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Here is a recap of chemical strikes and related events since the conflict began in March 2011. - Damascus threatens - The Syrian government acknowledges in July 2012 for the first time that it has chemical weapons and threaten ... more
Clark, Philippines (AFP) Oct 24, 2017
Australia to train Philippines in urban warfare
Marawi, Philippines (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Tunnels reveal militants' rat-like tactics in Philippine war
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) Oct 25, 2017
Boko Haram kills six Nigerian soldiers in raid
Lockheed Martin developing technology to intercept missile threats with Directed Energy
Sunnyvale CA (SPX) Oct 09, 2017
The U.S. Missile Defense Agency awarded Lockheed Martin a nine-month, $9.4 million contract to develop a Low Power Laser Demonstrator (LPLD) missile interceptor concept, the agency announced Oct. 5. "Our Low Power Laser Demonstrator concept puts advanced beam control systems and a fiber laser on a high-performance, high-altitude platform to maximize risk reduction value over the demonstrat ... more
White Sands Missile Range NM (SPX) Sep 21, 2017
Upgraded Lockheed Martin Laser Outguns Threat in Half the Time
Washington (UPI) Sep 20, 2017
ATHENA laser testbed system successfully shoots down drones
Washington (UPI) Aug 24, 2017
DOD to invest $17M on laser weapons research in New Mexico
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