Pakistan army gets new missile system
ISLAMABAD (AFP) Feb 21, 2004
President Pervez Musharraf handed an indigenously produced nuclear-capable ballistic missile system to Pakistan's army Saturday, asserting the country would continue to strengthen its deterrent capability.

Musharraf used the handing-over ceremony to reiterate the country had never and would never proliferate its "hard-earned" nuclear technology.

Musharraf this month conditionally pardoned the architect of Pakistan's nuclear program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, after he admitted to selling nuclear secrets abroad.

The president told the gathering that some individuals had carried out proliferation from 1998-99 for personal greed through misuse of autonomy and authority

Nevertheless this aberration was checked when institutional arrangements were put in place, he said.

He assured the world that the proliferation network had been uprooted within Pakistan and Islamabad was cooperating with the international community in wiping out international nuclear black market network.

The solid-fuel Hatf-111 (Ghaznavi) missile system that was handed to the Army Strategic Force Command will form an integral part of Pakistan's operational deterrent system, which also includes Shaheen and Ghauri intermediate missiles, Musharraf said.

The Ghaznavi has a range of 290 kilometers (181 miles) and was successfully test fired in 2002 and 2003.

Musharraf said that during the past four years his government had demonstrated its resolve to strengthen the country's defense.