Russia, US Sign Engine Safeguard Agreement
Washington (Interfax) August 22, 2000 -  Russia plans to sign an agreement with the U.S. on measures to avoid the unsanctioned use of the rocket engine RD-180 and to safeguard this technology in connection with the organization of production of this engine in the U.S.

N.Korea Wants Compensation To End Missile Program
Seoul (AFP) August 13, 2000 - image copyright AFP 2000North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has warned the United States it must pay compensation if it wants to close down North Korea's missile program, which he insisted was purely for peaceful purposes.
  • Missile Shield Could Spur Nuke Buildup
  • N.Korea's Missiles Remain Shrouded In Secrecy
  • Iraq Makes Inroads With Missile Program
  • Detente In The Desert

    China, Russia and India Take Aim At US Missile Shield
    Bangkok (AFP) July 27, 2000 -  Russia and India took aim at the United States at an Asian security forum here Thursday, saying its missile defence program and "Cold War mentality" threatened regional stability. Foreign ministers from the three nuclear states singled out the US Theatre Missile Defence (TMD) program for stinging attacks ahead of the arrival at the Bangkok talks of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

    Russia, US Set To Lock Horns Over Missile Shield
    Nago, Japan (AFP) July 20, 2000 -  Russian President Vladimir Putin looks set to lock horns with US President Bill Clinton over a US scheme for a ballistic missile shield at a Group of Eight summit here.
    Putin Proposes Pan-Euro ABM Center For Moscow
  • Russia Piques US Interest Missile Tech
  • NATO Welcomes Putin's Pan-Euro Missile Shield

    Asia And The Quest For Big Power Toys
    Washington (AFP) June 6, 2000 -  Robert Einhorn Assistant Secretary for Non-Proliferation said Wednesday that Asia's weapons of mass destruction were a major concern for the US. US officials were also busy Wednesday soothing Chinese concerns over its missile defense plans. While analysts said a thaw in Korean relations would raise policy conundrums for the US.
  • China Says Anti-Missile Test Successful

    Missile Shield Faces Glitches and Delays
    Washington (AFP) August 9, 2000 -  The rush to meet an unrealistic deadline resulted in technical glitches that are now likely to put the controversial US missile shield behind schedule, missile defense analysts said here Wednesday.
  • Lockheed Wins Missile Contract With A THAAD
  • ABM Shield May Fuel Arms Race
  • Sea Based ABM Shield Could Be First
  • Scientist Says ABM Shield Flaws Ignored
  • CIA Fears Missile Shield Will Spur China
  • Scientist Says Missile Shield Flaws Covered Up
  • Megawatt Laser Test Brings Space Lasers Closer
  • Russia Says ABM Revision Would Be Mistake
  • LockMart Begins Building Airborne Laser Turret
  • Seoul Seeks Long Range Missiles
  • Clinton Should Make ABM Decision
  • Anti Missile Tests Delayed
  • US Military Chief Says June OK For Decision
  • Pentagon Budget Funds Anti-Missile Program
  • Missile Interceptor Easily Fixed
  • Cohen Says Missile Defense On Track
  • Raygun Arrives At Wichita
    China To Put US Missile Plans On ASEAN Agenda
    Beijing (AFP) July 21, 2000 -  China will make sure American plans to establish an anti-missile defense will be put on the agenda when a regional security forum meets later this month, the foreign ministry said on Friday.

    US Unfazed By Putin
    Comments On ABM

     Thurmont (AFP) July 18, 2000
    US officials were unconcerned Tuesday by Russian President Vladimir Putin's warning that his country and China will respond if Washington goes ahead with a proposed national missile shield.
  • Cohen Claims Iran Could Accelerate Missile Plans
  • US Presidential Candidates Differ On Missile Defense Stance
  • Top Clinton Allies Urge Delay Of Missile Defense Plan
  • Missile Defense Critic Says Pentagon Tried To Silence Him
  • Military Panel Questions ABM Plan
  • A Look at Missile Defense
  • Into The ABM Frying Pan
  • ABM: Shooting Oneself In The Foot

    Greenland Divided Over US Missile Shield
    Nuuk (AFP) August 23, 2000 -  Greenland's government was split Tuesday over whether to support Washington's controversial national missile defence (NMD) shield plan which would entail modernising a US base in the country.

    ABM Treaty May Need Re-Ratification
    Washington (AFP) August 15, 2000 -  A former CIA head suggested Tuesday that the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty would have to be ratified again by the US Senate to remain valid after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
  • Clinton Gets ABM Options Spelled Out
  • Lawyers Says Okay To Build Missile Shield
  • Treaties and Domestic Maneuvers

    Managing Satellite Exports
    Washington - October 25, 1999 - One solution to export controls The continued exploration, development and use of space are critical to our nation's future. America's investment in space has not only helped save lives and enhance our well-being here on earth, but has also strengthened America's leadership in the global economy.
  • US May Charge McDonnell Douglas
  • US Aided Chinese Launchers
  • White House Clears Iridium Launch
  • US Signs Korean Pact
  • In Search of A Long March

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