Iran dragging its feet on nuclear issue, says UN inspection chief
FRANKFURT (AFP) Oct 15, 2003
Iran is dragging its feet and has yet to give international inspectors the information they need to verify that the Islamic Republic is not making nuclear weapons, the UN's top atomic energy official said Wednesday.

"We have been making progress but not with the speed we would like to see," said International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei on a flight taking him to Tehran, where he is to meet with Iranian officials.

The IAEA has given Iran until October 31 to answer questions on Iran's nuclear program. The IAEA began an intensive round of inspections on October 1.

"Iran has been offering us additional information, additional access but not the 100 percent transparency and not the pro-active cooperation I would like to see if we were to be able to get full information we need by the end of the month," ElBaradei said.