Sharon slams Geneva Initiative as "damaging" for Israel
TEL AVIV (AFP) Nov 27, 2003
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Thursday condemned the so-called Geneva Initiative for peace in the Middle East as damaging for the interests of the Jewish state.

"Geneva is an attempt to do something only a government can do. Only a government can conduct political negotiations and sign an agreement," Sharon members of the Israeli press.

"It is damaging and embarrassing for Israel, it's a mistake to put on such a show and at the same time jeopardise a program which is the only one that can bring a solution," he added, in reference to the internationally-backed roadmap blueprint.

The Geneva initiative -- an alternative and unofficial peace plan launched by Israeli left-wingers and Palestinian figures -- is due to be launched on Monday in Switzerland.

It deals with all key issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the international attention it has attracted has put pressure on Sharon to be seen to be working harder towards the resumption of peace talks.