Iran's top nuclear negotiator hopes for cooperation with India
NEW DELHI (AFP) Feb 26, 2004
Iran's top nuclear negotiator Hassan Rowhani said Thursday he hoped India's "positive cooperation" would continue with Tehran on its nuclear programme, currently under international scrutiny.

"The two Indian representatives at the International Atomic Energy Agency have have always shown positive cooperation with Iran," Rowhani told reporters here after a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

"India's activities have always followed the tradition of NAM (Non Aligned Movement) and I hope this will continue," he added.

India has been the leader of the Non Aligned Movement, dating back to the days after its 1947 independence from British rule when it decided to pursue the policy of remaining neutral and not ally with superpowers.

The United States and Israel accuse Iran of using a nuclear energy programme as a cover for a secret bid to produce nuclear arms, a charge the Islamic republic fiercely denies.

In November the International Atomic Energy Agency condemned Tehran for 18 years of covert nuclear activities, although a report said there was no clear evidence Iran had been developing nuclear arms.

Rowhani said his country's nuclear programme had always been for peaceful purposes and would remain so.