US says Iran scorns its nuclear obligations to international community
WASHINGTON (AFP) Mar 11, 2004
Iran's statements on resumption of its uranium enrichment program show a "disdain" for its obligations toward the international community, the US State Department said Thursday.

"These further statements about resuming just ... emphasize the disdain with which Iran seems to be holding the whole process at the IAEA," said State Department spokesman Richard Boucher of the International Atomic Energy Agency as it met in Vienna to discuss a US-backed resolution to condemn Tehran for hiding possibly weapons-related atomic activities.

Boucher said the IAEA should "stay on the case, continue to scrutinize Iran's performance against the benchmarks that the IAEA board itself set, and against the commitments that Iran itself has made.

"And that's what we're working with other countries in Vienna to do," he said.

Boucher said IAEA reports showed "more and more evidence that Iran was not taking seriously the requirements, not even taking seriously its own commitments to suspend all reprocessing in a way that IAEA was able to define as a real suspension."

Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi on Wednesday said his country would end its suspension of its uranium enrichment program when its relations with the IAEA are "normalized."