Iran seeks accord with IAEA on return of inspectors: Rowhani
TEHRAN (AFP) Mar 15, 2004
The official in charge of Iran's nuclear programme said Monday that resolving problems raised by the International Atomic Energy Agency was "not very complicated" and agreement should be reached on the return of inspectors, the state news agency IRNA reported.

Hassan Rowhani, speaking as he was about to fly off for Tokyo, was responding to a tough resolution against Iran agreed by the IAEA at the weekend which prompted Tehran to postpone indefinitely the visit of inspectors planned for Saturday.

The UN nuclear watchdog had raised questions over Iran's failure to declare its possession of certain equipment and materials which could be used to make nuclear weapons.

"Resolving these problems is not very complicated," Rowhani, secretary of Iran's national security council, said.

He also said that the postponement of the inspection mission was a "technical problem," adding, "The moment chosen by the agency was not suitable and in discussions with the agency we will most certainly reach an agreement."