Iran to accept IAEA inspection unconditionally: Rowhani
TOKYO (AFP) Mar 16, 2004
Iran's top nuclear policy-maker Hassan Rowhani, now on a three-day visit to Japan, said Tuesday Tehran is to accept an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection unconditionally.

"The 27th has been confirmed," Rowhani told a news conference, referring to remarks by Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the UN nuclear watchdog, that Iran had agreed to let its inspectors into the country on March 27.

"And there is no condition" on the planned inspection, said Rohani, secretary general of Iran's Supreme National Security Council.

Iran had put off inspections scheduled for last week in order to protest a tough resolution by the IAEA against Tehran for hiding sensitive parts of a program the United States claims is devoted to secretly developing nuclear arms.

But ElBaradei told reporters in Washington on Monday he was informed of the agreement, saying this would be in time for the IAEA to report its findings on Iran to the next IAEA board meeting in Vienna in June.