Two Iraqis killed, 11 wounded in US airstrikes in Fallujah
FALLUJAH, Iraq (AFP) Aug 20, 2004
Two Iraqis were killed and 11 others wounded in a double US airstrike on the Sunni Muslim bastion of Fallujah in less than 12 hours, a doctor said Friday.

Both strikes pounded the industrial zone of the flashpoint city, west of Baghdad, said doctor Ahmed Shakir Khadouri from the Fallujah general hospital.

Two security guards were killed overnight and four people, including three women and a child, were wounded when the second attacks hit an ice cream factory early Friday, Khadouri added.

Another seven people were admitted to the hospital following the overnight raid, the source said.

A US military spokesman said the airstrikes were ordered to take out two anti-aircraft guns and protect US air assets.

The first weapon, typically manned by three crew, was struck just after midnight (2000 GMT Thursday) and another at 11:00 am Friday, he told AFP refusing to give an estimated casualty count.

"Last night just after midnight US air support was called to take out an anti-aircraft gun. And today, we found another one," the spokesman said.

Deadly US airstrikes are frequent in Fallujah, where US marines come under repeated attack from insurgents.